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I hope those Uniform Packs will be sellable through the exchange.

Does anyone know if the corresponding combadge will be included?
Are ther any pictures of that uniform?

Originally Posted by woerligen View Post
The Temporal Lock Box promo video shows the 29th century Starfleet uniform - the one worn by Captain Braxton and his crew of the U.S.S. Relativity in the far future.

Now, I am quite surprised that it hasn't surfaced yet. Will it be in the Lobi or the C-Store? I hope for the latter because to me this is not an extra type of clothing (like the Ferengi merchant jackets) but a genuine Starfleet uniform. As such, the player should be able to buy it off the C-Store as Account unlock, Imho.

I have more questions:
Division colours are as follows:
Blue/purple = Command
Brown/orange = Operations
Green = Science

Is the command uniform either purple or blue? It looks different depending on what image I look on...

Will Blackavaar update his Canon Color Guide with the new uniforms? He already has a post about 29th century colours but with different 'placeholder' uniforms. Thus, I am not sure how accurate it is at the moment.
I'm not sure about the uniform colors but it seems to me that it is Blue for Command, Orange for operations and green for science. Most of the time uniforms look like they where a bit too purple on screen, i think that has something to do with the lighting when they where filming.

Personally i can't wait to get them, i always liked the unsymetric style of that uniform and the different uniform color code, i just hope that cryptic makes them right. I would hate if they would make them plastic looking or if they would add too much details, like on their own uniforms (Antares/Sierra/Jupiter).

Thank you for reading.
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