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Originally Posted by duckcu35 View Post
I just up ranked to Commander; I went down to the person where you pick your ship like I did when I became a Lt. Commander. But, they won?t give me my ship. They say it cost dilithium. Did they stop giving free ships or did I pick up a glitch? And, if I am glitched what shoed I do?
Guy who wrote the FAQ here.

First off, I would like to warn you and everyone else that the post has a fair chunk that's now outdated, and because of the form switchover, I can't update it; HOWEVER, you should still be getting a free ship.

Second, as a previous poster indicated, you need to do the Admiral Quinn mission, as was stated on the first page. It's a simple little mission that basically says, go to Quinn, talk to him, then go to the shipyard at ESD and talk to the lady manning ship requisitions.

From that point you should be able to get the ship.

If you're having problems finding Admiral Quinn, that's probably because some Klingon pranksters (seriously) have been getting into ESD, picking fights with Quinn (he usually kicks their butts - seriously with that as well), and then plunking down whereever he ends up. This usually ends up being in Club 47 or the transporter room. Due to some stupid thing with how emotes work when he sits down he looks like he's lost his legs and is just sitting there looking gruff and legless. If this fails then swap to another instance of ESD; this happened at several instances, but so far as I know, not all of them.

If it is NOT happening like that, and you have indeed visited Quinn and taken the promotion mission (and double-checked it's not lost in a list of potential missions or anything like that), then you may be having a problem customer service needs to be brought in on, but there are a few other things to try first - one off the top of my head is to spend your skill points.

In any case, you should get your free ship one way or another.