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10-01-2012, 05:38 AM
I can tell you right now, PWE WILL NOT DO ANYTHING about the ZEN Offers. I have been having issues with The Free Zen offers since BEFORE Cryptic Joined Perfect World Entertainment. They will Eventually send you an e-mail (mine took 6 weeks to arrive from them finally) Telling you that you have to directly Contact the Company with which you did the Zen offer (peanutlabs etc) These Companies Are going to want Several Things.

1) Screen shots of the Completion page from the Survey or App install you did.
2) Screenshot and or a Foward of the E-MAIL you recieved from the Survery/App install Showing Completion of the offer.
3) You must make sure your cookies are fully open so that the Companies little programs can install onto your system to track your progress of the offers. Many times this means using a Sandbox Browser to get this done ( I used to use ) But this still is not a Guarantee it works. Alot of times they will try to get you to disable your Security suite to do the offers.

If you do not have ANY of the information (not alot of us who were new to these Offers for points when they came to perfect world knew we needed all this crap) Then you will not get credited.

It has taken me upwards of 3 weeks to finally get contacted by some of there companies. ALOT of them STILL owe me upwards of 7,000 Zen. From Surveys to the Application Installs.

At the Time there was Peanutlabs, Matomy and super rewards... (matomy and Super rewards are notorious for Not giving there users the rewards. ) I see at least for me only peanutlabs shows up now. But it is constantly changing over the years who did the surveys. Either Super rewards or Matomy.. Think it was Matomy.. is located in Isreal and they wanted me to CALL THEM UP to Trouble shoot the issue. Not a Toll-Free number, But there ACTUAL number.

On the Good note, I have made around 9,000 Zen out of the Surveys Fighting for all the Zen of course.

But the Best way to make Zen is to slowly build your character Count, And doing dailies and other Dil making missions. Just keep refining and Xfering the dil around till you can get what you want.

Otherwise, Good Luck!
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