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10-01-2012, 04:49 AM
Its simple. Knock a shield off, fire Torps into that shield facing. Thats why I imagine you think they aren't doing as great (when in reality, you just aren't using them right).

And for those who are dropping torps? If they aren't being dumb, then they likely are doing so because their ship is pure alpha-strike (Defiant, BoP, etc) and as such they want to maximize that ability by dropping something that usually requires an extended fire fight between ships.

A lot of AS players, I imagine, don't like or don't bother to incorporate torps into their AS so they drop it for extra DPS out of their cannons.

One could also argue that going for Torps on an Escort (whether they fully spec' into them or simply provide for their use without making them pointless to be there) can limit striking power in the form of less BOFF powers, Less DOFF abilities, and indeed, less skill points in other skills if they spent any at all on Torps.

As for your suggestions, making torps do full damage to shields would be completely ridiculous. The best torps by themselves can crit up to, including, and beyond 20k damage, and if that damage is dealt 100% to shields? Everyone will be making torp boats.