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Originally Posted by gthaatar View Post
Advanced Positron Deflector Array [Grav] [Ins] [ENG] [HullR]
Borg Engines
Borg Shields
Subspace Field Mod
If you would research on this one you would know, that MACO shield and deflector are best.
Commander Tac: Torp Spread 1, Torp Spread 2, APO 1, CSV 3
Lt. Tac: TT 1, CSV 1
Put Tac.Team , Pattern Beta, Rapid fire and Pattern Omega on Commander station.
En. Engineering: EPTS
Lt. Universal: EPTW, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Lt. Com. Universal: Sci Team 1, Tractor Beam Repulsors, Hazard Emitters 3.
Put Transfer shield strength II instead of repulsors.
I think would be enough.