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Originally Posted by flippy1138 View Post
(I'm an Engineer BTW).
I would say "My advice? Roll a Tac." and leave it at that, but that would be rude. So, a little more than that. Sure, take an escort out to see how it handles. Find out if you detest the way she flies, and don't spend anything you didn't have laying around to buy it. Pick a target, CRF + APO/APB, and unload. So that was okay? Now imagine it increased 3-5 times. If that appeals to you, consider rolling a Tac to put in the ship. There is just no synergy between Eng and escort.

Engineers take a tough ship and make it tougher, further hardening shields and throwing out heals to teammates because they have MW for themselves. Yes, they can make an escort tougher, but a Tac takes the liability of an escort and turns it into more damage with GDF.

I don't always fly an escort, but when I do, I use a Tac.

(Unless it's a sci-scort, but that's another animal.)