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Originally Posted by sentinel64 View Post
I enjoy team play and am just like everyone else about the optional, "work as a team and work hard to get it." But the team spirit ends when you see only three awards for five players. If the team worked together to get the optional then everyone should walk away with a bonus. Of course, the rare salvage should be a random award to one player, but the other players should get a rare item and one additional chip. No players should get more than one optional award item. Borg Salvage to one and others get rare item and additional chip. If you want team play then reward team play.
I used to get very annoyed over that especially at afk's and Rambo's, the afk's cause they would roll on stuff but not help in the mission at all and the Rambo's people who go off half cocked then its you and the rest of the team that has to fix their mistakes to get the optional.

I still do pugs occasionally and if I do I just pass on everything to save frustration but the solution for me was to stop playing pugs and only play stf's with friends or within the fleet and its a much more enjoyable experience even to the point you don't care about the optional as the reward is been able to play with a great bunch of people and if there is something that you want that comes up you can just say "Hey guys/girls do you mind If I grab that one please?" and 100% time people say yes.

And remember pugs are simply a stepping stone if you want those optional rewards I highly recommend joining a fleet that plays STF's regularly