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Originally Posted by eristhevorta View Post
Escort: Very low HP, medium shields, very high turn rate, high burst damage and DPS, cannon and dual cannon ability, low heal abilities.
Cruiser: High HP, medium shields, low turn rate, but more weapon slots to cumpensate and higher base damage for each weapons (specially beam array), meaning higher DoT than any other ship, medium heal abilites.
Science: Low to medium HP (higher than escort, not lower!), very high shields, medium DPS, medium DoT, very high science damage powers with longer cooldown, high heal abilities and 1 more console slot than ANY other ship.

That's how I see the balance. Gravity Well etc. needs even more damage to cumpensate for the lower stats of the sci ship.
Unfortunately the devs see things like this:

Escorts get everything.
Cruisers and Science get nothing.

They even buff escorts even though noone demanded or needed it.

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