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Originally Posted by aderonz View Post

I just bought the Corsair Flight deck Cruiser Retrofit yesterday and i dont knew how should i build , i have barely 16 rare borg salvages for mark XI weapons, so i'm asking for your help, it s stats are :

Hull : 36k
Fore weapons : 4
Aft weapons : 4
Hangar bay : 1
BOFF : 1 Lt Commander Tactical , 1 Lt Commander engineer, 1 Commander engineer, 1 ensing science and 1 Lt Commander science
Device : 4
Consoles : 2 tactical, 4 engineering, 3 science
Trun rate : 8

I tought about building it as a Beam boat like my vo'quv wich was my main ship but the dps doesnt seem to have realy improved.
What are your passive skills and what have you trained your toon in and what doffs have you on active space?

Answer those 3 questions or any build on the ship may fail given you may be at odds with what you have trained in and what doffs you have access to.