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10-01-2012, 08:08 AM
Start by eliminating the need/greed/pass system altogether. It is a completely useless system that does nothing except require a bunch of extra clicks that slow down the game. Team loot should be round robin or random. Imagine (seriously, to the devs, think about it) how much TIME would be better spent shooting at enemies if we didn't have to stop and choose need/greed/pass EVERY SINGLE TIME loot drops. Even the supposed auto loot function stillrequires one click to actually pick up the loot. so every time loot drops, it requires two click from the person nice enough to stop and pick it up, and at least one click per loot bag from everyone else. I am just "guesstimating" here, but I would say at least one minute per run is lost before the optional timer runs out dealing with this useless system.