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Originally Posted by rickpaaa View Post
I am thinking the Temporal Destroyer is like a Garumba in siege mode without the lance, and a much better turn rate. The turn rate is the same as the Armitage heavy escort carrier. It's not a bird of prey, but it is quite enough.... with an RCS console.
Not really...think fleet patrol escort with two universal BOFF slots. It has two eng console slots, four science slots, and four tac slots.

It can be a tank of an escort...;D

Really...VERY happy with both the science vessel and the destroyer. These two ships made the fleet shipyard obsolete. There is no reason to even be a part of a fleet anymore once you get these ships because there is nothing worthwhile from the fleet store unless you fly cruisers or want the fleet escort carrier.

All others pale in comparison because the time ships do it as good if not better.