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06-15-2009, 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by davidstarr View Post
Im very curious if I will be able to move my character on a planets surface by jumping up onto stairs, ladders, short platforms and porches?

The reason I ask is in Starwars Galaxies jumping is FUTILE! There are ramps and stairs in game but if you dont line your character up correctly to the ramp leading to the porch you cant even enter your own house.
You cant even jump up onto the porch, you must run up the ramp thats to the side of the porch.

I enjoyed climbing and jumping onto ledges, spires, walls, rooftops, buildings and even trees in EQ1, EQII and DDO.
Thanks kindly for your answer,
David Starr

Resistance may be futile but jumping should not be.
Agreed. Very good question. Thank you for asking this. I hope we are given the option, and I wonder if some Splinter Cell movements will be apllicable? I hope so.