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10-01-2012, 10:40 AM
in PVE you can go with half or quarter impulse, without running risk of exploding too quickly. PVP it is different and you need to keep your speed well above 20 at all times when you are under fire. if you are not under fire, fly as you want and try to keep your target infront of you. that includes slowing down.
if you get fired upon, quickly accelerate.

hit and run tactics are a waste in stfs. stay at the target and keep shield heals and tac team rotation running (as engi that should be really no problem)
In PVP however i would recomend it, you get a better perspective of the battle and choose your next targets together with your team, prepare an alpha strike (as engi more like a omega strike) and go back into the battlefield...or better battlespace.

get yourself the subspace jump console...pure win, not only for escorts.
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