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10-01-2012, 09:57 AM
if you use aux batteries you can basically get rid of the hull repair console, since higher aux is far more effective to increase heals than the console.

either use the borg deflector or the maco...i prefer borg

no need for sci team...use 2 tac team...if you actually have 2 conn doffs for tac team, forget what i wrote.

ltdcmdr sci is probably better if you actually use an ability that uses flow capacitator. and hazard emitter 3 is pure overkill, or overheal to be more specific.
i would suggest: HE1, TSS2, energy syphon or TBR (but if you use the repulsor use a particle gen. console instead, but you are skilled in flow capacitator only the syphon makes sense)

also skill shield emitters plz...thats actually a must have on any ship. get rid of threat control and driver coil. and you really don't need to pump each skill full up to 9 points. 6 is sufficent in most cases. As you can read here
even if you rely on hull tanking or dmg absorb, you still use some skills that this skill supports, or go completely down that road and ignore shield systems aswell and pick up AUXtoSIF instead of reverse shield polarity.

also use a skillplaner before reskilling and get a feedback on that

plz ignore whatever is filled into the last link.
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