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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
It won't happen with the Vo'quv, since the models are too different. But a stand-alone Zilant might work.
Are they? Well, then maybe a copy.

The Gorn flagships in "Fleet Alert" don't use prefixes. So it doesn't look like they use them.
Also fine - a "no prefix" option.

The Gorn are a part of the Empire as of 2404, according to STO lore. But some Gorn colonies, maybe even the homeworld, would be awesome. Maybe some similar stuff for the Orions too.
Not according to STowiki:
"Despite demands by hardliners in the Klingon High Council, J'mpok chooses not to have the royal family executed. Rather, he offers them self-rule as long as they swear loyalty to the Empire. Slathis agrees and is given a non-voting seat in the High Council. The Klingon Fifth Fleet is withdrawn from Gorn space. "
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