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My Klingon character reached rank 3 in Marauding recently but still does not:

1. Have the new transwarp destination on that menu
2. The ability to grant Raiding Party
3. Able to enter the Sirius sector block

According to the blurb in game rank 4 Marauding should grant:

- Accolade "Pirate" - Received
- "Pirate" title - Received
- Personal Ability: Grant Marauding - No raiding party icon is available via my abilities pop up menu whilst in space
- Personal Ability: Transwarp to Regulus Sector Block - Transwarp destinations have not been updated to include this option
- Select a single blue quality Duty Officer - Received

I tried using the "Update Commendation Records" via the S'stas NPC @ Klingon Academy with no effect immediately or after relogging.

I attempted to send in a ticket but that particular web page seems to be broken as I was unable to select any game I was requesting assistance for and thus unable to proceed with the form.

I would appreciate any assistance on this matter.

Edit: Have now been able to submit a ticket.

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