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10-01-2012, 11:38 AM
Feel free to use pulsewaves when freeing up the nodes, since their knockback is a good way to push drones into the plasma (which we all agree is muuuuch easier than actually killing them). And ONLY use it on Manus when she is up close (less than 8m).

A tactic I have found is good is to sit on those pipes that jut out from the sides of the plats. They actually reduce your profile enough that drones on the middle and some of the sides have trouble targetting you, so they just sit and stare, and usually don't shoot.

Also, if Manus starts to target you, never stop shooting. She switches targets regularly, so if you think that lowering your dps will make you less targetted, it doesn't, just means you're wasting damage and not really helping your team. Lastly, do NOT stay close to ANY of your teammates. Manus has that evil arc attack, and it really hurts.
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