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Originally Posted by skaldra View Post
Im tired of the mission spotlight. They must be taking bribes or something because I have built missions since day one of the foundry and even after advertising my missions they still arnt chosen. I have five star missions with hundreds of people who have played them and TOLD ME they would like to see it spotlighted and still no bite from the devs. Personally I think the spotlight is a big scam that goes to the highest bidder or largest brown noser.

But then again, thats just my thoughts.
Have you done anything to get BranFlakes' attention? There are thousands upon thousands of Foundry missions out there, making one stand out is a constant struggle for authors. Consider sending him a PM or a tweet or reply to a spotlight thread with your request. With the volume of Foundry missions, he can't be expected to find every diamond in the rough on his own, so give him some help
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