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Hi, I am somewhat new to STO, though not to MMOs. Since I started i loked up several possible build and i found one here on the forum called The Hilbert guide. i have been using Eng/Cruiser build from that guide in PVE and have had good results, and have done pretty well leveling it up. a couple days ago i decided to play a tact/escort and have leveled it to the high 20's using the PVescort build from that guide. According to the forum threads that i have read, I should be killing things relativity easily in the Akira at this level, and in most cases seconds for each battle. i just played the "ground Zero" mission, and i had a hard time beating the warbirds and the birds of prey were circling around me, making them hard to hit with the DHCs. Am i just bad at this game, am i doing something wrong, is it just that romulans are annoying or is it that the build i am using is bad (all the posts on the thread about it were positive). i thought i was using the escorts correctly, but i do not know anymore. I have tried to keep myself pointing at the enemy ships and using all my weapons at it. Thanks for any input
Depending how new to the game you are, all it will take is some practice flying your ship around and practice switching between power presets.

So... if you are having trouble keeping them in weapons arc... it is pilot error. Try flying slower and then faster and even in reverse when the situation calls for it in PVE.