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10-01-2012, 11:10 AM
I never liked the Akira. Too slow to be a good escort, too squishy for a cruiser, in my humble opinion. I'd say just tough it out until you reach captain, then buy yourself a tactical escort refit with quad cannons and spend some time kitting it out with some goodness.

For a bonus, if you have/are willing to spend Zen on it, I HIGHLY recommend adding these two consoles to your defiant build: Impulse Capacitance Cell from the +1 Saber (I think they call it the Gladius or something), and the Transwarp Computer from the commander-level Excelsior. One will give you an "ESCAPE!" button, and one will keep your power levels from bottoming out in combat. Once I get that build optimized, I don't even bother acquiring any new ships until I hit Vice Admiral.