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10-01-2012, 11:32 AM
I agree and here's why: I find the ensign tact slot on either ship utterly useless. I use two blue Conn officers to lower the CD time for TT1, which also boost attack patterns, so I don't need two TT1s. I would, however, love to slot 2xEPtSs1 and RSP. That's how I run my Fleet Patrol Escort, and that thing is a survivor. Lord knows the Fleet Tactical Escort can use all the survivability it can get. I honestly don't know why the FPE got that extra advantage over the other two fleet escorts. It was already given an extra engineering console slot. And it's a first tier ship. If any ships get extra bonuses, shouldn't it be the ones at higher tiers?

Also, the Fleet AE tact boff layout sucks regardless. Why they thought an extra ensign station was an upgrade to the original's Lt. Commander station is beyond me.