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10-01-2012, 11:35 AM
I'd love more options for he Gorn. The big one is All Gorn crew strolling around the ship. I'm currently working on a pure ship (100% gorn Doff and Booff). For the bridge pack, on the crew deck a lounge pool with added lighting and steamy heat...
I did think of an idea for a ground set. Lots of Close combat bonuses, and the set weapon is a melee one. Sort of like a pimped version of Perosnal mobility shield, Pyshical argumentation armour, and a Gorn issue whacking stick. Set abilities could be such as ignoring flanking fire for all three peices

I do play my Gorn as a 5th colmun type, working for Gorn indipendance, I even found a fleet with the same rough goal.