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And murderer and rapists are to be found in any society as well, but we don't tolerate them either.

You are promoting the wrong attitude. These griefers are a blight on this game community and serve NO purpose other than to ruin the game. They have forfeited any right to play this game by adopting that stance.

I think if 1 player does less than 10% of the damage of the second lowest damage dealing player he ought to get NOTHING. No EDC, no dilithium, and still suffer the cooldown. He should get NO roll on optionals or EDCs, and if given any before the match is up they are revoked and put up for roll for the remaining active players.
So basically you screwed a cruiser in a team of escorts, or a sci ship in a team of escorts. Your system might work in a game that everything is a little more balanced damage wise, but in a game where a good DD can sustain at 10k dps and spike at 25k and the tank sustains at maybe 3k and spikes at maybe 5k, you basically just screwed that person out of their loot simply because they can't do anywhere near the damage of the main damage dealers.

I understand your position, and agree with you, but your proposal needs a little work.
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