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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
Even when somebody with the weakest setup is trying, they they will still break 70k damage easy. Griefers won't even break 10. Not 10k, just 10.

P.S. My cruiser is often middle of the pack for damage, even when escorts play along.
Allow me to edit my statement then. "You just screwed CASUAL players who are trying out these things and still learning how to build themselves and learn what to do."

P.S. I know what you mean, my AC is usually up there even with escorts in the group. But I specifically designed my AC to deal damage, not be support. It can't support or tank as well as a lot of other ACs I have seen, but tends to do a little better in the damage department. Still not anywhere near an escort, but it's not shabby in any sense of the word when it comes to damage output.
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