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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Sorry, but no. The Defiant and MVAE, especially Fleet ones, has a lot going for them already:

1. The hull and shield upgrades from the normal VA level ship.
2. The fact it only costs ONE module for most people, while the Fleet Patrol is ALWAYS 4.
3. It can potentially cloak (for Defiant), or use Multi-Vector mode (for Advanced Escort)
4. 5 tactical console slots (for both ships)

I'm probably missing something here, but still, that's a LOT of advantages they both have compared to the Patrol, which has a bit more hull and such, but it means very little, so letting it have an ensign universal, gives it SOME extra advantage compared to the other two.

Originally Posted by nephilim83 View Post
I honestly don't know why the FPE got that extra advantage over the other two fleet escorts.
See above.
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