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10-01-2012, 02:34 PM
If you are looking for a loadout recommendation, I'd recommend Fire Team, a Sniper/MACO Rifle, a Pulsewave and any decent armour/shields with Plasma resist. Your MACO gear should be more than sufficient in that respect.

But to be honest, the boss room in IGE is a team affair. Survival boils down more to how your team does the room rather than what you have equipped. The most common way to do the room is LRM, although centre first can be done too, and I personally prefer it as a strategy.

LRM works like this:

The team snipes & kills the drones at the front Left and front Right of the platform, before moving into the Middle platform and clearing it. The team then goes to the front right platform, enters the sequence there, uploads the virus and then goes onto the front left without any intereference from drones (because they've already been picked off). When you've got the front two platforms done, you can go to the back. Don't attack the drones at the back until you're on the platform with them, and then use a Pulsewave or HD rifle to knock them into the plasma. Then enter the sequence at the back platforms upload the virus. The advantage of this method is that the first Tac Drones to respawn will be on the front platforms, out of range of where the team will be by that stage.

Centre first works like this:

The team eliminates the drones in the centre platform, then goes to the platform nearest the entrance on the right side, elimintates the drones and enter the sequence, and then proceeds around the room clockwise, defeating the drones and entering the sequence at each corner. You don't engage any drones until you're on the same platform as them, which, so you can blast at least two of every three off with a pulsewave if you position yourself properly. The advantage of this method is that it's a bit quicker overall and you have a better chance of completely avoiding any Tac Drone respawn.

Most teams use LRM, but I always ask before going into the room to be sure. As a general rule, you shouldn't be engaging any platform of Tac Drones by yourself.

When you say you stay at the ramp, do you mean you stay there for the duration of the room, or just after the boss spawns?

You shouldn't be staying at the ramp for the whole room, because once you clear the front left and front right platforms, you won't do anything for your team, because you need to help them do the consoles and clear the back. Some teams leave 2 players on the middle, but I'm not a fan of that approach and think the team should stay together as a five, that means you should be moving clockwise around the room until the boss spawns, after which you'll want to spread out, because the boss has an electrical attack than can chain from one player to another. So get away from and/or break line of sight with each other.

If you're only moving back to the front after the boss is spawned, then it's probably not the best place to be because the front right and front left platform Tac drones will be the first to respawn if your team is LRMing. If you're looking for a place to keep your head down and break line of sight with the boss or with a team mate who's been hit when the boss is active, the consoles you enter the sequence into can be used, although you have to crouch behind them. You can also use the pillars on the platform Rebecca is floating in at the start.

Elan's point about not using pets (security escorts, quantum copies) or ranged AoE to reduce the possiblity to aggroing the whole room at once is good advice too. Don't use them after the boss spawns either because she'll be able to target them and "chain" her electrical attack from them to other players.