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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
But that's not what I'm asking for. Not everyone wants a large fleet, they certainly shouldn't need one either. That solves nothing.
Agreed. There's already two monetization elements intrinsic with fleets anyway (Dilithium and Fleet Modules), so making the system more accessible will be a win/win for Cryptic. The more achievable these projects seem (even if the time:reward is basically the same as the big ones), the more likely people are to not be intimidated by them and DO THEM.

Sort of like paying off debt.

Look at it emotionally, not logically. If expansion is perceived as a requirement, that'll be a turnoff. And, honestly, it would work out better for Cryptic if there's a lot of small, but active fleets as there will be a duplication of work. If there's only large fleets, there will be far fewer but more utilized resources, thus less sales opportunities IMO.

I'll go out on a limb and say that small to medium size fleets are more the backbone of the game than the big ones. Same with guilds/clans in other games. And, really, if a fleet splits (due to need, drama, etc), starting over won't be as ugly.
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