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Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
About a year or so back, Gozer indicated Aggro range was 15 KM... though that seems to have decreased.
Aggro range is different from perception range. Agrro range dis how far you need to get before your are removed from the threat tables of the NPCs. (i.e. They no longer consider you a target).In space it's roughly 10 km. But it depends on the ship type(s). Science ships have slightly longer perception ranges.

On the ground is more complicated. Perception range depends on teh facing of the NPCs. Forward facings have "normal" perception. To the rear facing they have much reduced perception. With a bit of stealth (doesn't have to be perfect), you can sneak up on an NPC from the rear and get into melee range. And now you know one of the reasons that NPC spawns on the ground run around and stand in different directions when the stop.