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# 211 GM Help
10-01-2012, 07:12 PM
How may I contact a GM for assistance? My son and I share an account and we have a player which I assume is using multiple accounts to harass me. Does not matter if I block him or not, new accounts or different accounts keep popping up in my tells and emails. I have saved some emails for GM help. I attempted to contact a gm before but no luck, this has been going on for a week now and I get 15-20 mails a days and he claims to be having all his "friends" report me. I admit to be a little harsh after turning down multiple and I mean tons of fleet invites from this guy, finally saying something along the lines of "I do not want to be apart of your stupid fleet" or something of that nature. If a GM could contact me I can forwards some messages that I have saved. Or I can post them on the forums. They include but are not limited to; how my family and I need to die, how he wishes to find us and kill us, how I am the scumbag of the STO community, etc.
Again wouldn't be an issue if it was just 1 account sending hate tells and mails or if my son didn't get on and fly my ship for fun.