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10-01-2012, 08:26 PM
Let me squash any nonsense on this thread - the odds of getting the ship are less than 0.5% as observed by many many players and box openning tests.

so that's almost 200!! boxes to get a ship - yes there are people who get a ship in the first 5 boxes but there are WAY more who don't get one in over 150 boxes!

Also you only avg about 5.5 lobi per box!!

So for the temporal destroyer that means you need 140 odd boxes or about $180 million ec worth of keys

the destroyers sell for around $90 million so buying the boxes for lobi to get the destroyer is stupid.

Also the Temporal set is 600 lobi so expect to open over 100 boxes for that or $130 millon EC!

All and all if you bought the keys with Zen then for everything it would cost about $200 dollars!!

That is what you are looking at.