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10-01-2012, 09:32 PM
Tholians is one of my favorite species, around the release of that lockbox, i sold my project car and put 200 dollars into z points, that was supposed to last me a LONG time, instead i blew through on lockboxes, and guess what, i got NOTHING, i got a recluse, no orb weaver (weird having a recluse yet no orb weaver)
I said i was NOT going to buy any more lockboxes, then cryptic has to do the ******* thing, and put in th wells class, one of my favorite ships, and bridges in all of star trek....SIGH! This time i had some keys put up, some extra lobi, and bought only 80 dollars worth of keys. ANd guess what, with 20 keys left, i opened a wells.

I was really, REALY surprised, i have the wells and mobius now, on separate toons, yes i know you get the special power combining the consoles, but i have 2 toons i wanted using both different ships, so instead of getting kicked in the balls and only be allowed 1 of 2 ships for 1 toon with a special console power, i split them up. ANd i love both ship. Good luck buddy, i hope you get them. I do NOT support the lock box idea, but its like holding a piece of candy in front of a fat man, when its something your addicted to and want really bad...well its hard to not resist and god its one sexy ship.