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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
If I could ask for some things regarding Gorn:
  • A few Gorn skins for existing ships. (The Zilant for the Vo'Quv?)
  • GHS (or something like it) prefix for Gorn ship names and ships with a Gorn skin.
  • A Gorn-themed social zone like Ganalda space station, because the Gorn Hegemony is not part of the Klingon Empire, according to STO canon.
  • Invent a set bonus for when you have equipped all three Gorn consoles (barrier field, acetone assimilator, repair platform)
Hell yes. My wallet is prepared.

I already own all the Gorn ships, but we need some non-science ships (as well as some fleet science ships that can compete with the Fed science ships).

There are a couple ideas to make this work:

1. New models, etc., which is rather time-consuming.
2. Make use of existing NPC-only models (Vishap, Naga, Tuatara, and the new dread model [not the old wedgy one]).
3. Give a golden, Gorn-style skin for existing ships, to give the impression that they were sold to the Gorn, followed by a Gorn refit.

Frankly, option 2 seems the most logical, from a time spent/money earned viewpoint; I don't like the look of the Zilant (I hate most lop-sided, asymetrical ships), but I'd love to have a Vishap escort/low-tier frigate, and the Tuatara/dread would make awesome cruisers/battlecruisers. Having a Naga fighter sold at 500 zen would make a great option to the To'Duj.

Then you have the Orions and Nausicaans; I don't play them, but they have some *GREAT* NPC models that just aren't used. The Slavemaster and Talon battleships are really, really nice-looking ships, and there are others as well.

Anyway, I just can't understand why Cryptic won't just take advantage of the hard work (and great work, at that) that their starship artists have done, and rig these ships for player use. Talk about easy money.