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Also, one thing that I thought would be nice for the Caitians/Ferasans is having a barefoot costume option. M'Ress, for example. I don't know how canon Caitians/Ferasans would usually wear based on uniform (Animated Series canon?). Also, you'd think they'd have feet like the typical feline anthro (which essentially is what the Caitians/Ferasans are) that are shaped like the hindfeet of canines/felines. I'm not gonna ramble about the minor details...but in general, I'd like to see such an add-on sometime, just to give Caitians/Ferasans a more attractive/canon feel.
Yeah, my furry side was a bit shocked when I used AGT boots on my BOFF to find that her legs are humanoid.

So, I bio'd that her mom bred with a human. Genius.