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06-16-2009, 09:53 AM
Seriously? After all the history that was created within the current universe... you would really go back to a universe where Vulcan was destroyed and cataclysm drove events? All the progress made in the current universe makes thigns exciting in what they are... not to mention we lose foundational events that drove the evolution of the Federation and other cultural and societal relationships. While some may enjoy the warped view of Star Trek as provided in the current movie, I prefer the Star Trek we all know and have come to love... and would have to agree with Zelta's timeline graphic. It's an alternate timeline within a paralell universe... it's a possibility given breath but beating with a second heart. There is every possibility that the Caelar and the Borg never existed in this new timeline in this alternate universe... and STO without the Borg, well, that just doens't interest me.