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10-02-2012, 02:15 AM
Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
Check this out. I was in a PVP Capture & Hold match today. I was kind of late to the battle so everyon else was busy battling and I had no teammates so I wandered and destroyed a Galaxy pet sauser, pissing off it's owner. Me and this Galaxy-R was battling the whole match killing neither. He was in the battle section Galaxy using Borg/Maco setup with temporal gear, and he was armed with polarized phaser beams and a transphasic torpedo cluster. He could out manuvered me so he stayed on my rear attacking. My rear is just all beams and I couldn't damage him past 96% without his autonimous regeneration activating puting him back at 100%. His shile would not wear down for anything. All that being said, he didn't do much to me either, even while slowing me down to a crawl with his temporal blast, and I'm not using Borg/ Maco crap. We just battled till the end of the match. He told me how slow I was and I told him how much of a useless brick he was. The fact that he can't arm cannons made him less of a threat to me. I have been in the same type of battle with a Wells Class, he had the temp stuff, Borg/ Maco setup with Dual Cannons. He tore me up and I couldn't do anything to him. All i could do was run, using Deuturium reserves. The clear difference is that the Wells had Dual cannons and boosted damage mods, multipliers, and the Galaxy-R has no mods or mutipliers for dps, and can't arm DC. Beams are totally garbage in this game. The only type ship that can do well with them are science ships because they are better at targeting subsystems.
well fisrt, 2 cruisers (i assume you used a cruiser too) will allways engage in endless battle with each other. Even if both have close to no skill or idea of setup.

second, the mobius killed you because of your own incapability to equip superior gear, which the maco borg combo just is for any ship, especially cruisers.

and 3rd, that guy probably didn't even need to be in a mobius ship to rip you a new one.
and yes, based on what i read about your pvp experiance and general postings, it is save to say for me you are at best a below average player...a captain kirk, as many like to call those players.
If you need to run in a cruiser from an are doing something horribly wrong.
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