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Originally Posted by aethon3050 View Post
2. Make use of existing NPC-only models (Vishap, Naga, Tuatara, and the new dread model [not the old wedgy one]).
Frankly, option 2 seems the most logical, from a time spent/money earned viewpoint; I don't like the look of the Zilant (I hate most lop-sided, asymetrical ships), but I'd love to have a Vishap escort/low-tier frigate, and the Tuatara/dread would make awesome cruisers/battlecruisers. Having a Naga fighter sold at 500 zen would make a great option to the To'Duj.
Anyway, I just can't understand why Cryptic won't just take advantage of the hard work (and great work, at that) that their starship artists have done, and rig these ships for player use. Talk about easy money.
Totally agree with that. It would not only be cheap, but it would also mean cheaply addded awesomeness for the game as a whole.
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