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# 1 Constant crashing of the game
10-02-2012, 04:03 AM

I post this becuse I an seriously getting frustrated with the constant crashing that is happening with this game. This has been happening for weeks and there is no fixes in eash patch that gets released. Every day I log in, I get 10 mins before the first crash, then each time I load the game back up it crashes after a short while again. Reload and even less time before a crash. After restarting the game after the 4th or 5th crash, it can't even get to the character select screen before crashing.

I have reinstalled my display drivers 3 times (clean installs of the latest nvidia drivers), same with the chipset drivers, I have reinstalled the game 3 times. As I type this I have 7, yes SEVEN cryptic errors sending right now. Yesterday i must have send over a dozen and the same in the past few weeks. My directx reports no problems with my hardware, I have chkdsk'ed my boot drive (where the game is installed) half a dozen times, system file checked my drive all okay. Windows update up to date, ran memory, motherboard and hard drive diagnostic software all shows up as doing great.

It all points to the game itself.

This is getting beyond a joke, time can seemingly be found to put lockboxes and other useless crap in the game, yet none can be spared so that some people can actually play the game in the first place. I have posted several times about this yet all I get is silence, I hate to mither once again, but can you please sort this problem out as soon as possible?