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first, ignore redricky

all in ref to STF's or general PvE:
as others have stated but it really can't be repeated enough, never stop moving. it tanks your defense bonus badly sitting still. you might think 'but they always hit me anyway' yes, but accuracy bleedover to crit chance and severity applies to npc's as well. so sitting still = greater chance they'll crit on you and it will hurt more.

as baudl said, subspace jump definitely something to invest in, 3km behind target facing it with a reasonably fast cooldown. provides a plethora of options besides attacking for getting around the battlefield fast.

in reverse, weapons batteries, EPtW, and EPS power transfer all mitigate or eliminate the reverse power drain.

APO+EPSPT+TT+CRF/CSV can give good spike damage results.
2x copies of TT1 and always running whether you have ag or not since they give a small boost to damage. as an eng you need all the help you can get.

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