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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
A) superior gear should not be so superior to give one player decisive advantage over other. One should still be competitive (with more skill, but still) with Mk X/Mk XI gear gained on missions or bought in exchange. STO fails here;

B) if an escorts pilot knows what he is doing, then he is invulnerable to the cruiser. It does not have enough firepower to blast through even most basic selfbuff like TT1 and EPtS1 with full broadside. And after escort get's on it's six then cruiser can use maks half of his firepower while still needing to deal with all/most of an escort. Most of what cruiser can do is to force escort to disengage with no ability to follow up and end the job.

Cruisers should not die to one escort, even two. But their inability to kill an escort even in 1v1 is making them rather silly choice unless you are healer at hart and want to support the group and do nothing else.
A) This is already possible. You absolutely can defeat players using the 'best' gear with cheaper gear from missions etc. As you say, it takes superior skill to do so - and some of that skill includes understanding STO's gear system, and making sure the gear you are using synergizes well with the powers you've selected and the weapons you are running.

B) If a cruiser pilot knows what he is doing, he is invulnerable to an escort. Cruiser heals have the ability to blunt even the most powerful alpha strike, and once in a slugging match the escort's limited heals can't keep up with the sustained pressure damage from a cruiser. At best the escort will be forced to disengage and hope the cruiser chases him into a trap.

As for you last comment - Why should cruisers not ever be killable by escorts? Because you like cruisers? For all the kvetching that has gone on in this thread about how escort captains just want to have a 'super-ship', I keep seeing posts like this that seem to assert that cruisers should just be the best at everything.