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10-02-2012, 07:55 AM
On ground it is easy to test.
Sit cloaked in a corner far enough away, out of weapons range. Have the rest of the group scattered about, one member agro a group of enemies by proxy (don't shoot them) and watch what happens. Since everyone has 0 agro they will split up and attack random people, and yes they will find you, very far away sitting in a corner cloaked.

Second test is easy, in incursion make sure you have everyone assigned to a corner. Watch as patrols in your corner have your team mates targeting but not attacking. Run up beside enemy, agro by proxy and duck behind a corner... watch the enemy run across the entire map to go kill your team mate.

AI targeting in the game with 0 threat generated is buggy as anything, or when a team mate dies they'll split up and go after anyone.