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10-02-2012, 07:11 AM
The final room is pretty easy, but timing is the key, bad teams create worse situations for themselves.

Plan it before entering. As mentioned, LRM method.
Enter, crouch on the ramp. Take out the left platform drones, the right platforms drones, then the centre platform. Disable the right shield tower. Have the 2 people not on console duty one step ahead of the console team and clear the next set of two borg. Disable the left, then the far left tower, and finally the right. No borg should have respawned yet.

Split up, but don't have the whole room agroed.

The key is to kill fast, you are going to have borg respawning very soon and making a mess. If they respawn one person has to deal with them, if that person has Boss agro they are dead.

The advice about a tac captain using the Maco set is bad advice. Use the omega set, even a tac captain can tank Becky as long as no drones agro them. Crouch plus set stats and bonus gives you near 100 dodge, which isn't as good as it sounds but Becky isn't terribly offensive nor accurate. She doesn't fire as much as normal drones, and a miss allows for your shields to regen, on bad streaks use the hypo.