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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
A) superior gear should not be so superior to give one player decisive advantage over other. One should still be competitive (with more skill, but still) with Mk X/Mk XI gear gained on missions or bought in exchange. STO fails here;
You are partially right on this, it is a STO fail though not becuase superior gear gives a decisive advantage over others but becuase Superior gear is needed to compete at the high end PvP.
Unfortunately its something the Devs can not fix becuase its already in place, if removed the playerbase that does not adapt will only ***** about some other aspect they believe is keeping them from being a PvP god and Cryptic makes money off the P2W they will not give up.

B) if an escorts pilot knows what he is doing, then he is invulnerable to the cruiser. It does not have enough firepower to blast through even most basic selfbuff like TT1 and EPtS1 with full broadside. And after escort get's on it's six then cruiser can use maks half of his firepower while still needing to deal with all/most of an escort. Most of what cruiser can do is to force escort to disengage with no ability to follow up and end the job.
As others have pointed out time and time again, if the Cruiser knows what he is doing the Cruiser is invulnerable to the Escorts attacks. Seen it many times in PvP, 3-5 Escorts chasing a Cruiser and getting nowhere as the Cruiser continuously heals itself back to full becuase the Cruiser can use the Escort tricks of TT+EPTS1 much better than the escort can plus bring more high end heals that the Escort can't.
If an Escort gets on your 6 in combat then reverse course and let him fly by you to be in your forward arc, flip sideways and then broadside him. Let fly with some EWP or VTR first to trap him, Try Tractor Beam or Target Subsystem Engines to trap them.
Use DOffs in your builds that accent the idea you are attempting. Use equipment that helps highlight you primary attacks or disables. Build to a purpose and stop trying to build to be a jack of all things equally or you will never perform like you wish you could.

Cruisers should not die to one escort, even two. But their inability to kill an escort even in 1v1 is making them rather silly choice unless you are healer at hart and want to support the group and do nothing else.
I've seen Cruisers who couldn't even die to 5 Escorts, how do you explain them?
I've killed Escorts in 1v1s in my Cruiser before, how do you explain that?
If you do not wish to be a support Cruiser then pick a cruiser that accents firepower more and build it to that purpose. Cruisers do not have to be just healers. Its time the Crusier fans realized this and stop wanting to be Cruiser, Escort and Science vessel all as equally effective as the classes that fall into those roles.
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