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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
Cruisers do a lot of damage... over the time. Escorts do a lot of damage in short time. Comparing this to real life ships cruisers are like ww2 battleships - huge guns, lot of damage but you need time to deliver it all it. Escorts are like destroyers. Small guns, not much range, but they have... torpedoes.

Now, beam arrays are equivalent of big guns in naval warfare. They have better range then DHC and while they are not as powerfull per shot as DHC can deliver more damage over the time as you can keep your target longer under fire. DHC is an equivalent of torpedo. It has smaller effective range but it is delivering it's damage in a burst way and through this able to kill things faster then beam array. Beams are not worse then DHC, they operate differently.

Now, in STO has two other problems. First one is the the limited (yeah) arc of fire for beam arrays. With the manoeuvrability of escorts and the fact that most combat is done over short distances does not make it better.

Second problem is that current healing powers and BOFF layouts that escorts have allow them to overtank. They can take all the damage from cruiser and cruisers dont have anything to solve this problem.

If you mix those two problems it ends with escorts being virtually indestructible as long as they are piloted by semi-competent pilot. They can stay away from half of your damage (more if your are not 8-beam cruiser) and they can easily tank what's left.

Here are things that are, from my point of view, needed to fix it, and all those things are not, I think, complicated from programming point of view and should be easily implemented:

1) Beams should have 360 degrees coverage, or at least over 300 to minimize the chance for escort to stay away from HALF of the firepower (while cruiser has no such chance).

2) Escorts should get hull/shields nerf. Most should look like Bird of Pray with hull out of glass and tinfoil shields.

3) Escorts need a minus modifier for aux and shields. A big one so that their tanking/healing abilities get a nerf. They should not be able to heal themselves as effectively as cruisers or sci ships are.

4) Tactical Team should still work as automatic shield distribution but it should be slowed to to the same level (or just slightly aboce) as manual shield balancing.
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