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10-02-2012, 07:35 AM
I keep seeing posts like this that seem to assert that cruisers should just be the best at everything.
Currently the escorts get this position of being best at everything. Ok, maybe not best, but can do "anything" that this game needs. I do not want the cruiser to be best at everything. I would simply like it to be at least some danger to escort. Or say it in other way: to be as much danger to the escort as escort is to cruiser. And currently it is not.

There is difference in tankiness between escort and cruiser and as well as power between DHC and Beam Array. The lil problem is that escorts outside of BOFF tanking that's available to escort escort has additional damage mitigation with it's speed. Which means that cruiser is not a danger to escort at all.

Strip cruiser and escort of anything. Literally anything but basic shields, weapons and engine. No BOFF, DOFF and other stuff. Cruiser will die before he makes a dent in escort shield. Cruiser damage is low, he should be more resilient, but without BOFFs the difference between escort and cruiser damage and additional cruiser hull, lowered escort shield is not enough.

Cruiser is a weaker ship by design. Simply.

I've seen Cruisers who couldn't even die to 5 Escorts, how do you explain them?
I have too. Was even on the escort side once trying to kill some Vor'cha. But it was half a year ago and never seen something like this recently.

I've killed Escorts in 1v1s in my Cruiser before, how do you explain that?
I have too. They were not the best players ever. Never killed escort who knew about engine battery and evasives.

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