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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
Currently the escorts get this position of being best at everything. Ok, maybe not best, but can do "anything" that this game needs. I do not want the cruiser to be best at everything. I would simply like it to be at least some danger to escort. Or say it in other way: to be as much danger to the escort as escort is to cruiser. And currently it is not.

There is difference in tankiness between escort and cruiser and as well as power between DHC and Beam Array. The lil problem is that escorts outside of BOFF tanking that's available to escort escort has additional damage mitigation with it's speed. Which means that cruiser is not a danger to escort at all.

Strip cruiser and escort of anything. Literally anything but basic shields, weapons and engine. No BOFF, DOFF and other stuff. Cruiser will die before he makes a dent in escort shield. Cruiser damage is low, he should be more resilient, but without BOFFs the difference between escort and cruiser damage and additional cruiser hull, lowered escort shield is not enough.

Cruiser is a weaker ship by design. Simply.
Escorts are NOT great at everything. GOOD escort captains can outfit their ship to barely cover the bases, but no escort is ever going to be the equal of a dedicated Cruiser-tank build in terms of survivability. It simply isn't possible. Similarly, Fed cruisers are simply not going to have the same firepower as an escort, but they can do the work to cover the bases.

As for your thought experiment, sorry, but it is an epically bad comparison. Of course the Escort will win in this scenario, because it's advantage (damage) comes in part from the weapons it can equip (dual cannons), and the advantage cruisers have comes from their healing BOFF powers. Of course if you remove healing from the equation, the healing ships will look weak. It would like saying "Remove all weapons from a ship, all tactical buffs, and just use engineering heals. The cruiser will survive longer every time, so therefore escorts are automatically weaker".

I will also say - try this out. I think the escort will win, but I bet it will be A LOT closer than you imagine. I'm also not sure what this proves in any case - is it any better design to have the Cruiser always win in this scenario? Or are you imagining that there is some magical number for damage that will make it so that both ships always blow up at the same time? Even if THAT were the case, it still creates an imbalance in the ships when you add the powers back on, unless you assume that all Boff powers are the same 'value' in power (pro tip: They aren't - healing is more powerful than damage). So yeah, nice try, but bad example.

Finally, here's a little bit for you to think about: Until the last few days, the escort I ran in PVE and PVP was a BEAMscort. I ran with no cannons at all, and in fact had only 4 beams, then I ran two torps fore and one torp aft. This is LESS firepower than most cruisers run. yet I was STILL able to wear down many opposing escorts because I could keep pressure on them at all times with my beam's wider arcs, and I could time my damage spikes from torps and Beam Overload to hit when they were low on heals. Since any cruiser could mount essentially the same weapons, any cruiser could have similar results. The fact that many players DON'T have these results says to me that the problem is the player, not the ship.

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