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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post

When something is imbalanced and I complain about it, thats whining? Its sound like you just want to to stay on top of everything and have a onesided view of the matter.
Every time I see you post something like this, it just makes me groan. Try, for one moment, to empathize with the other side of this discussion. Is it remotely possible that maybe the people who disagree with you are not part of some cabal of escort players desperate to keep the pews, but are rather strong players who have differing experiences to yours?

From my perspective, it looks like you ran out of actual arguments a long time ago, but since you can't reconcile the fact that cruisers aren't bad ships with the fact that you are blowing up a bunch without acknowledging the obvious implication, you are instead creating a conspiracy where none exists.

Also, please, PLEASE fact-check yourself before you post things. A few errors: Orb Weavers and Ferengi Marauders are NOT escorts. One is a sci ship and the other is a cruiser. Also, consoles do NOT have different stats based on the ship they are on. Some, like RCS consoles and Field Generator consoles have a greater or lesser magnitude effect, but that is because they are percentage based, and the percentage increase over the base number is always the same, it's just that some base numbers are higher.

Same thing with shields and engines - the base states on an item don't change when you switch ships - instead, the ships all have differing modifiers that affect the raw base numbers of the items in different ways.