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Originally Posted by tom61sto View Post
Are you Rank 3 or 4? You need 4 for Raiding Party. What's your CXP on Marauding at currently(should be 100K or more for Rank 4)?
I am rank 3 marauding on my Klingon character.

I kind of assumed that the Klingon equivalent of Diplomatic Immunity would be given on rank 3 Marauding as it was with my Federation character.

The STO Wiki page states that rank 3 Marauding gives Raiding Party:

Tier 3 - Pirate

50,000 Commendation XP required
Accolade "Pirate"
"Pirate" Title
Transwarp Drive (Regulus)
Assign Raiding Party
Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Try doing a respec. That fixed it when my Fed char had this problem.

Or just go loot and pillage more.... It won't fix it but it's fun!
I thought about doing this but i'll wait to see if I can get any joy from customer support before resorting to this.

Getting rank 3 marauding abilities on my Klingon character isn't a big priority at the moment and so, can wait to see how things play out with customer support.