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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
SEE THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT GUYS, WHEN IT COMES TO CERTAIN ESCORT PLAYERS LIKE BAUDI. He doesn't make his own threads, but he will jump on everybody else's, not saying anything positive and bashes everyone for not flying in his type ship or sharing his build. Jerks don't ever see past their ownself. Everyone is stupid and less than a person than they. Its wonder why this guy is still in the forums. Nobody in here likes you or respects anything you have to say, Baudi. When you are you going to get it?
atleast i know a "little" more about the game...and when i see somebody talking BS, i try to correct him, or give my honest opinion. It is rarely sugar coating, since most is misconception i read and your posts are 100% misunderstanding and unwillingness to adapt to the game rather have the game adapt to you.

and if even one of your ideas is made reality, actual good players in cruisers would wipe the floor with any shipclass. I ask you, can you understand that there are much better players out there than you are or even i am? And can you imagine how it would be in a PVP match with 5 of them flying cruisers, that are utterly indestructible and dish out dmg that can vaporize anything in their way?

And when i read through some comments here, stating that they actually use sub optimal setups or ships (which all galaxy cruiser types actually are for current gamecontent), but still think they should perform like people that use an optimized setup, it really seems to me that some people here think they ARE captain Kirk.

And stop pretending it's only me who thinks cruisers aren't in a bad shape as you may believe.
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