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Originally Posted by redricky View Post
That's funny, because you support my position here at the end.

If you are limiting yourself to STFs then sure, fly whatever you want. Most PvE content can be completed in a shuttle.

There are the top 1% bleeding edge dps throw it down builds. There are a bunch of really solid Tac/scort builds. Then there's some Sci/scort builds. Then there's Eng/scorts. They're the bottom of the barrel for escort dps.

You know what else eliminates reverse power drain? Half-decent piloting and keybinds. Map your throttle to your mouse wheel and take it out of reverse for a split second. Relying on EPS power transfer, no thanks, how about I go with FOMM (a huge damage resistance debuff) on a Tac and just not be a dead hand at the conn?

I'm not saying everybody has to min/max. Play the game you want to. But seriously, Eng/scorts aren't just suboptimal, they're min/min.
didn't support you, stated a fact. another is a engineer will ouptut more damage in an escort than a cruiser which flies counter to your 'roll a tac if you want to fly an escort'. cannons are the kings of damage, any ship that can mount dhc's no matter what class flies it wins over beam array locked ships.

engineers should have had a class skill ~>subsystem overload, +175 power ignoring the 125 limit for a brief period of it is...they just don't have much that can boost their damage output the way sci or tac can.. escort is the better option if they want some dps as the tac stations allow for more options.

Armitage/Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier being the best of those fed side as the pets give a modest increase to damage themselves.