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10-02-2012, 10:30 AM
Conservative build:

Cmdr tac.: TT1 / APB1 / APO1 / APO3
Lt.Cmdr tac: TT1 / CRF1 / CRF2

LT.Cmdr eng: EPtS1 / EPtS2 / A2D2
LT. Sci: HE1 / TSS2 (or ST2 for PvP)

Put in the same Keybind: APB1/APO1/APO3/CRF1/CRF2/EPtS1/EPtS2/A2D2/Fleet support
Manually activate CRF2 + APO3, then just hit the relevant key to keep the keybind active.

front: 3-4 Polaron dual cannons (does not hit so hard as DHC, but procs more often)
0-1 Torpedo of your choice (usually Quantum, but Harg'Peng is also fine or bioneural from Qorgh)
Back: 2 Polaron turrets

Engine: Borg
Shield: JemHadar
Deflector: Jem hadar

Tac console: 3x Polaron damage upgrade
Sci console: 2-3x Field Generator, 0-1 flow Capacitor
eng.console: borg assimilated console, Plasmonic leech console (buyable with Vandaldestroyer), Graviton Pulse Generator (buyable with Pach)

2 Part JemHadar is additional 7,6% Polaron damage, the deflector adds+24 to flow capacitors (better drain from polaron as well as plasmonic leech)

Plasmonic leech and polaron proc will steal most energy of the enemy, so he is slow, has no firepower and weak shield regen = easy prey.

the Gravitiongenerator further increases this effect, but can also be used as an escape mechanism: place it, hit Evasive Maneuvers, get distance, cloak, attack again